Why Strength Train?

Strength training is for all ages from 8 yrs to 100 yrs. As we near 30 yrs old, we start to lose muscle mass, as part of the normal aging process. This causes us to be weaker. People in their late 40’s may realize that it’s harder to carry the grocerys in, or their activities of daily living get harder to perform. People need to strength train to keep up their muscle mass, keep the bones, ligaments and joints strong. Other benefits of training are preventing osteo porosis, decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rate. You will sleep better and have a better feeling of well being.

Free weight training gives you the best strengthening effects for the effort and time.  For all around health your exercise program needs to address the 3 basic areas of the body.
1. Aerobic (sustained movement of 10 minutes or more) Example, biking, running, hiking, swimming etc.

2. Anaerobic Short explosive burst. Example, plyometrics, weight training.

3. Flexibility. Example, yoga, stretching, pilates.

As we get older we lose are ability for explosive movement more readily because of the natural muscle loss. So strength training becomes more important and should be a 2:1 ratio to your aerobic exercise. The increase in muscle will improve strength and decrease injury. The increased muscle will increase your metabolism which leads to fat loss. One pound of muscle will burn between 3-5 pounds of fat per year.  5  pounds of muscle could burn 15 to 25 pounds of fat per year, which is a pretty significant loss.

Hard work from some of our clients,  Congratulations!

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