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The Rock House is happy to announce our new
Medical Director Dr. Mike Tricaso

Dr. Mike
http://www.better-living-clinic.com/. He specializes in hormone replacement therapy and weight loss in men and women. Check out what he has to offer. He will be seeing clients at the gym. Please call 440 477 3064 for any questions.

Nutrition Quarterly Fall 2015

The Rock House is a small private gym with less than 150 members. We are a medical based gym. Our main objective is to educate with the correct medical information. The owners have medical backgrounds and 28 years experience in the health care industry. It is a unique gym that offers 2800 square feet of free weights. We have the biggest free weight area in Lake County. We are a “beginner friendly” gym and all new members receive an orientation and are given a training program and nutrition plan designed to help you meet your fitness goals. The majority of our members are new weightlifters.
We pride ourselves on our cleanliness of our facility. Our equipment is well maintained and clean. Any broken equipment is replaced quickly. We have all rubber coated weights which makes for a quiet atmosphere.
Our facility and programs meet the unique needs of the average person trying to get in shape,  to the professional and amateur athletes, to anyone who has a desire to expand their health, ability and skill.

Located at 1847 Northridge Rd. in Painesville, OH.
This location features everything you need to get in shape and have a new lease on life.

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Affiliated with GriffonRawl MMA Academy